Friday, January 21, 2011

time for an update

if you  remember this post you know that i have been trying very hard to get back on track.  i have really followed the ww program for the last 10 days and i have done very well.  it has been a bit of a challenge getting used to the new points plus program but i have been tracking and it seems to be working because i have lost 4.8 lbs!  the one problem i am having is eating all my points.  i have more on this new program than on the old.   just an adjustment, i guess.

i have done a great job with the eating less part but not the moving more part.  i do NOT like exercising.  i know i have to do it.  i just don't want to.  by the time i get home from work i just want to relax.  next week i am going to try setting the alarm earlier so i can exercise before getting ready for work.  and the plan is that when the weather is nicer i will walk during lunch and on my breaks at work.  wondering if warmer weather will ever come.  it is snowing again!  UGH!!!!!

big plans this weekend.  i want to get a head start on my assignment for Maggie's photography class.  i am super excited to learn more about how to use my camera.  definitely time to get out of auto!!  i have been reading over the first week's info though class doesn't officially start until monday.  i am determined to finish this class so i think getting a head start is a good thing.  i also really want to scrapbook.  i haven't in a couple of weeks and i really feel the need to do something creative.  need to do a little organizing in the scrap room also.  time to get some pictures hung and finish decorating.  and purge since i don't use much of my stash anymore since my Studio Calico kits are all i really need.  and Lauren and i are going to see No Strings Attached on saturday.  i love ashton kutcher....he makes me laugh.

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="'No Strings Attached' Trailer">Video: 'No Strings Attached' Trailer</a>

hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  any big plans?  i wonder if i will be snowed in??


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