Tuesday, January 11, 2011

is that what i REALLY look like?

 i will be 45 in april and i still want to lose 45 pounds.  this is the year i WILL do it.  i have been reading about Cathy Z's choice to move more, eat less.  she started her journey last year and looks and feels fabulous.  i want to look and feel fabulous.  i am tired of battling my weight issues.  i want to feel good about myself.  i want to be healthy.  i want to look great in whatever i wear.  i want to feel sexy again.

yesterday i took a photo in the mirror.  i looked at that photo and thought, is that what i really look like?  this will be my reminder.  i am hanging this on the fridge.  i may even hang it on every cabinet in my kitchen.  this is my time. my time to take care of myself.  my time to let my inner skinny girl out.

as much as i hate to post this photo, i am going to.  to serve as a reminder.  and so i can look back next year and be super proud of myself.

this year i will move more and eat less.  i am jumping on Cathy's bandwagon.  anyone want to join me?


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