Sunday, June 27, 2010

this is a new one

Rob just dropped me off at my hotel in Philly.  Not sure I like that.  I have an early flight and he has to be in Dover early in the morning so after our sightseeing today I am in my hotel.  He is the one that leaves....not me.  He will not be home for 2 weeks.  Lots to do for the new start up.  Just rambling and whining today. 

We did have a good time although our beach trip was cut short.  Rob got sunburned on his face on Thursday while we were on our city tour and when we got to the beach on Friday it felt like his face was burning up.  And we didn't think about trying to hunt down an umbrella to rent so we didn't stay long.  Saturday he had to work a little so instead of trying to fight the traffic going to the beach we came back into Philly to see some things we had missed.  Glad we did.  We went to the Christ Church cemetary where Ben Franklin is buried and caught a very interesting tour.  There are several signers of the Declaration of Independence buried there.  Also learned that the oldest recorded tomb is from 1723.  Amazing!  Ate hoagies at Reading Terminal Market (ate there again today.  It was one of our favorite things about our trip!).  Then went in search of the elusive Martin's Barbeque potato chip.  Took us a while but we found them.  And bought every bag on the shelf.  I grew up eating these chips and they are my very favorite.  They only sell them in PA so I don't get them very often.  Which is probably good.  I will have to figure out how many points they are and put them in baggies so I don't sit and eat a whole bag!

Headed up to my room to relax.  I need to.  Glad I don't go back to work until Tuesday then am off again on Wednesday for Eclipse!


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