Friday, July 02, 2010

Five on Friday

i am having a crappy week.  Tina does girl loves friday posts on fridays.  i WANT to do a girl loves post this week but am going to do a girl hates post (since it matches my mood). so here goes.
  1. girl hates when people lie.  why is it even necessary?  are you not an adult?  it just makes matters worse.  stop misleading people!  it hurts more than the truth.
  2. girl hates when she goes on vacation and comes back to super duper amounts of work.  ugh!
  3. girl hates when other people don't do their jobs and she and her staff have to clean it up!
  4. girls hates cleaning the house.  and it needs to be done, my friends. 
  5. girl hates when her hair doesn't lay right.  even after she glues it down.  it's not pretty today.  double ugh!
thanks for listening to me gripe. just keepin' it real today.  hope y'all have a lovely friday.  i am going to try to.


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