Friday, May 28, 2010

Five for Friday

This week is all about excitement!
  1. Excited for the job opportunites for my Scott.  He has interviews at both Alinea and L2O in Chicago in June.  These are great restaurants and he would be thrilled to work at either of them.  He was also called for an interview at Tru but may not be able to do it.  The job may be filled by the time he is there (with Becky). 
  2. Excited for Sex and the City 2 tomorrow and to see it with my Lauren.  Haven't seen her in about a week and need a laurney fix. Wish my sister could see it with us but that is not possible since she lives in Atlanta.  Bummer.
  3. Excited to get Lauren's old room cleaned and decorated.  We got a cute bed at Ikea that i can't wait to get set up.  I already have the comforter and pillows for the bed.  We do have to buy a mattress, some nightstands and a small dresser and we will have a guest room.  Any one want to come and visit?
  4. Excited that it is a loooong weekend.  I so need a break from the drag that work has been lately.
  5. Excited that Rob will be home from Indianapolis tonight.  I haven't gotten to see him much lately.  He is traveling a lot for his job and I was visiting my parents in Atlanta last weekend.  He actually should be home soon.  Wonder if he will be up for Mexican?  I alway am.......
Have a wonderful weekend!

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