Friday, May 21, 2010

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  I am surely happy it is Friday!  Seems like I live for the weekends lately.  This weekend I am headed to Atlanta to visit my family.  On to some randomness:
  1. Rob has been in Delaware all week on a business trip.  I am not talking to him (just kidding) because he went to the beach AND to Friendly's (and ate Watermelon sherbert, my fave) with me.  He is no bueno.
  2. Going to my neice's dance recital on Sunday.  I haven't seen them dance in a couple of years.  Looking forward to seeing their progression.
  3. Planning to hit up Archiver's while in Atlanta.  We don't have one in Nashville.  I NEED to get a mat Nik was telling me about.  Anyone have any coupons??
  4. Went to get a mani/pedi last night.  There just something about getting a pedi that is so relaxing.  Personally, i could not give a pedi.  Feet are gross.  Especially when they are Hobbitt feet (my son's loving nickname) like mine.  Kudos to my pedicurist!  She can make even the Hobbitt's look good!
  5. Bummed out that we cannot go see our friends in Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend.  We were stationed together in Germany and haven't seen each other in about 6 years.  We had planned to go but I forgot the Daughtry concert is the 30th.  Aaaaacccckkkkk!  How could i forget that??
Have a lovely weekend.

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