Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a make up post

i missed my five on friday post so here is a ten on tuesday.
  1. scary day yesterday.  it is never good when your son calls and says "Mom i was in an accident and they are taking me to the hospital".  i have never left anywhere so quickly.  he is ok thank goodness.  just sore but ok.  now his car is another story.  but....that can be replaced.  he was rear ended and it was not his fault.  he was stopped at a red light and a girl hit him so hard it lifted his rear wheels off the ground.  just happy he is fine.
  2. gleeeeeee.  so glad it is back on tonight.
  3. my lauren turns 24 tomorrow.  how did that happen?
  4. rob is back on the road.  in indianapolis for the week.  i think he will be traveling a lot for his job.  which is ok with me.  at least he is not in CA.
  5. now that the weather my toes are screaming for a pedicure.  i will have to silence the screams on Sat.
  6. anyone else tired of hearing about cheating celebs????
  7. finally filed my taxes last night.  we had to pay but it was not as bad as i thought.
  8. Becky graduates from college on May 7 and i am trying to come up with a great gift for her.  any ideas?
  9. looking forward to our trip to Ikea with Lauren to shop for her apartment.  i think it will be on May 1.
  10. waiting patiently for these dresses to go on sale at Anthro.  love. love.

that's all for now.  off to check on my boy.


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