Monday, April 05, 2010

reflections on 43

i have to say that 43 was a great year!  here are just a few highlights:
  • i discovered weight watchers, have lost 45 lbs and am well on my way to a healthy body
  • i traveled to Chicago, Asheville and San Francisco
  • i rode in a helicopter for the first time
  • i drove across the Golden Gate Bridge with the top down
  • i got a promotion at work
  • i went to concerts....John Mayer and Daughtry were my faves
  • i found City House
  • i read some fantastic books....The Help was my fave
  • i found some favorite stores...anthropologie and Loft
  • i saw my daughter earn a well deserved promotion and raise
  • i saw my son enjoy his work
  • i supported my hubby when he moved 3000 miles away from us
  • i discovered that age really is only a number
so here's to 44!  wonder what this year will bring??


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