Saturday, November 28, 2009

making a list.....

there are a lot of things i want to accomplish in this next year while rob is gone.  so i am making a list.  i have always been a list maker.  keeps me on track!  some things on my list are:
  • finish losing weight.  this is first and foremost.  i really have to get the rest of the weight off.  working on that!
  • paint the kitchen
  • have hardwood floors installed
  • granite countertops installed
  • backsplash done
  • tile bathroom floors
  • paint master bath
  • paint our bedroom
  • paint hall bath
  • find bedroom furniture
  • have closet redone (meaning closet organization installed)
  • install new toilets
  • paint family room
  • new furniture for family room
i think that about covers it.  wonder how much of it will actually get done?  what do you have on your list?


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