Sunday, November 29, 2009

i made it through

the first weekend without rob, that is.  i did have a minor hiccup.  my car wouldn't start on saturday morning.  thank goodness for great neighbors.  got a jump, headed to o'reilly and voila! new battery and the car is good as new.  headed out to go shopping.  picked up a few things.  headed home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

today i paid bills.  always super fun.  not!  i did a load of laundry.  i made some christmas cards.  and went to see Old Dogs with lauren.  it was a hoot!  lauren laughed so much she was crying.  i love go to the movies with her.  she is so fun.

today rob and scott made it to modesto.  they will get the key for the apt. tomorrow and then head to San Francisco.  so glad they were able to do this together.  they got to see some cool stuff along the way....snow in new mexico, the grand canyon, tumbleweed and cactus and yosemite.  a great guys trip!

big news tomorrow!


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