Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday

a day i usually do not partake in.  i may go after work today to a few stores.  i just don't like the rush of a million people all trying to get the same thing i am.  more power to all that love it.  i am envious of all your great deals but i just can't do it. 

rob and scott left this morning for CA.  they are making good progress and are in OK as i type this.  they plan to stop around 10 tonight.  they want to try to get there quickly so they have some time to hang out and sight see before scott leaves on tuesday.  i just want them to have a great time together.  some real father/son male bonding time!  i miss them both already......

so, on to my friday five.  feeling a bit nostalgic today......
  1. reminiscing over all of our past thanksgivings.  it sure has changed over the years as the kids have grown.  we were missing lauren for dinner yesterday.  she had to work and scott worked at 2.  we ate early so he could eat before he left.  lauren was so excited to have lasagna when she got home and told me it was the best ever. 
  2. thinking about all the great trips rob and i have taken over the last year (Chicago, Asheville, San Francisco just to name a few).  looking forward to all the trips i will take to CA.  reading through a CA travel book and earmarking places i want to go.  and yes, i am all about a travel book.
  3. missing my family.  hoping my mom is feeling better and praying her ankle heals and is strong.
  4. fiercely proud of rob, lauren and scott.  i love them with all my heart.
  5. and i still cannot tell more of my news.  maybe monday......
i think i will definitely being doing some scrapping this weekend.  it has been way tooooo long! 



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