Monday, November 30, 2009

an announcement

finally i can tell part duex of our big news.  sooooo.....not only is rob getting a promotion so AM I!  i am so excited!  i will be the new Supervisor of Administrative Support Services.  i have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the official announcement.  which was today.  i have known since last tuesday but couldn't tell.  i am looking forward to this position and working to make a cohesive team!

in other news, rob got his apartment today and is settling in.  the boys did some grocery shopping today and then headed to San Francisco.  waiting to hear how scott liked it.  i am sure they had to go to Chinatown.  scott loves to visit Chinatown in all the cities he visits.  something about authentic Chinese food he just loves!  first stop was scheduled to be the Golden Gate Bridge.  can't wait to see pics. 

settling in for the night.  waiting for my dinner to be ready.  that's all for now.


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