Friday, October 02, 2009

friday five

i can't believe it is october....that means cooler weather (yay! for no air conditioning), pumpkin spice lattes (non-fat, of course) and the holidays are right around the corner.  gearing up for christmas shopping.  will probably do a lot of gift cards this year.  easy for me and my family loves getting them.  now without further adieu, here's my friday five for this week.

1~finally got my resume completed and submitted today.  hoping to get this job.  if not, at least i tried.  there will be a lot of jobs coming open with our consolidation so i am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for advancement.

2~i will be husbandless tonight and tomorrow.  he is going to GA for the UGA vs LSU game with a guy from work.  he is soooooo excited.  huge UGA fan.  he hasn't been to a game in years.  i am sure he will have a great time!

3~waiting for fabulous kits from Studio Calico and Jenni Bowlin Studios. 

4~hoping to go shopping tonight.  bass has boots buy one get two free!

5~planning to clean house this weekend.  i notices that my blinds are dusty....and there was a dead mosquito on the window sill.  yuck!  time to put on the rubber gloves and get busy!

hope everyone has a great weekend!


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