Tuesday, October 06, 2009

today's outfit

i have been struggling lately with blog topics so today i took a picture of what i wore to work.  exciting, huh?  let me explain a little.  i have been doing A LOT of shopping lately.  i have been struggling with my weight for years and have finally been able to lose some weight and keep it off.  and i am about halfway to my goal.  still a long way to go but i am getting there slowly and surely.  anyway, i have been trying to find good clothing for a good price.  most of what i have been buying has been on sale.  case in point, my outfit today.  it cost me a total of (drumroll, please) $70!  yep, for the whole thing.  and i have become a bit of a label whore.  so these are my pieces:

t-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft $14.99
cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft $19.99
jeans from Michael Kors $19.75
flats from Jessica Simpson $15

and i have discovered a love for cardigans.  i have lots in different colors.  the story behind the michael kors jeans is this.  when i started losing weight i told rob that i wanted to buy michael kors jeans when i finished losing weight.  of course he said i could buy whatever i wants...he always tells me that.  so i had no plan to buy them until i was at my goal weight.  i was in dillard's on saturday and they were having a huge clearance sale.  i walked past a rack and spotted the jeans hanging in the size 6 section.  i looked at them and thought they looked a little big to be a 6 and lo and behold, they were my size.  and they were marked down to $29 and they were an extra 40% off.  i took them in the fitting room and they fit great.  so....my dream jeans came home with me!  guess i need to find a new dream pair for when i reach my goal.  anybody have any ideas??  any favorite kind of jeans??  anyone, anyone.......please help a girl out!

in crafty news....i have been scrapping.  and have made some cards.  but the weather here is dreary so haven't had good enough light to take photos.  as soon as the sun breaks thru i will get pics and post them.

have a good night.


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