Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Five

let's celebrate Friday today!  let me hear you scream TGIF!  now back to regular programming.....

  1. wishing i was in PA celebrating my 25th (yes, that's right) high school reunion this weekend.  i had planned to go but things just didn't work out.  party on class of 1984 and remember me while you are.
  2. trying to stock pile sweaters for the fall and winter.  my fave store has had them on sale buy one get one half off so i have taken advantage of that.  i have purchased this one, this one,and have this one and this one in my shopping bag ready for check out.  now if i could just find some awesome pants......
  3. planning to make some fall cards soon using the templates from kristina werner's card class at 2 peas.  i thing they are so cute!
  4. keeping april and g-man in my thoughts.  they had a rough week.
  5. looking forward to some time alone with rob this weekend.
Happy weekend.

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