Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Just some randomness today:

1~I have my book club meeting at Memories in Bloom tonight. Driving to Clarksville for it. Takes about an hour depending on traffic but I love seeing all the beauties every month. Look forward to it a lot. Only got 2 pages done for our challenge this month....I am sure I will not be saying "Winner, winner, chicken dinner" but that is ok. I know there is some major scrapping being done by others this month. At least I got something done.

2~Having a hard time concentrating on work today. There are a lot of things I need to get done at home. Makes being at work difficult. Plus there are a lot of questions still unanswered about our consolidation and what is happening with our GS grades and that is making me a little uneasy. Having a meeting with our supervisor soon. Hoping to get some answers then.

3~Still waiting to get the coveted sandals and dress in the mail. Hoping they arrive before our dinner with Rob's bosses on Thursday. Looking forward to going to City House. We have not been there before. Of course, some of Scott's buds work there. Should be a fun night. I always enjoy going to dinner with John....have not met Todd so am looking forward to that as well.

4~Wondering what my picture of the day will be. I am running out of things to take pictures of. Didn't realize how boring my life is until I started this project.

5~Having fun connecting with some old high school friends on Facebook. I have been asked to help with organizing a class reunion for the fall. It is our 25th. I can't believe it!

6~So excited for Stephanie and Jimmy! He has been promoted to Major 2 years early. He is a supa star for sure!
A very nice reward after a difficult deployment. Rock on J!

7~May be hitting up the CK convention in Sept. Angie asked me if I wanted to go. Have to see when the reunion will be first. If I can go I am definitely taking the Studio Calico class. It will be fun to meet some SC girls face to face.

8~Wondering if my house will ever be just how I want it to be decorated. It is coming along slowly but surely. We have been slacking off in the decor area...need to pick that back up again. Also want to get the hardwoods put in and the counter top replace with granite and put in a backsplash. Still need to do some painting too. Lots of home projects yet to complete.

9~My in-laws are coming this weekend. Plan to take a trip to Ft. Campbell. Maybe. They are taking the counter top and sink we have been storing for them for several months. Can I get a woot! woot!?

10~Thinking I must get back to work. Lots to get done. We are never caught up!

Have a great evening.


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