Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weekend Recap

Spent the weekend in Atlanta with my family. My niece was being confirmed and as the godmother I was required to be there. Not that I wouldn't have gone anyway. Scott was able to get the weekend off and he went with me. Lauren had to work and Rob had an Eagle Scout ceremony he had to attend.

Scott and I left on Saturday morning. It was a pretty rainy drive down. In fact, we saw 3 bad accidents in about 2 miles! We stopped and had lunch at Chick fil A (only 5 points for a grilled chicken sandwich and 1 point for a fruit cup). We made it there safely and had dinner then headed to Archiver's and H&M. I wanted to check out the Slice at Archiver's. I liked it. They demonstrated the Quickutz Silhouette Sd for me also. It was very cool. I am just concerned about the fact that I am not very "techy" and am afraid I would have trouble with it. Decisions, decisions. Went to H&M and only bought one little pair of earrings. Scott talked me into waiting to buy some more clothes since I am losing so much weight. Smart boy!

Sunday we headed to church then to my sister's to hang out for a little party. It was fun. Sammies and pasta salad, veggies and fruit salad. Gave Logan her gift....a James Avery cross and she loved it.

Monday we headed to see the King Tut exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center. I was so excited to see it. There were lots of cool items like jewelry, pots, furniture, masks and statues. At the end there is a movie of the mummy and Scott and I thought we would get to see it but that would be a no. Mom later told me that they don't let it leave Egypt. Bummer! Very cool to see all the other things. Hard to believe the items are between 3000 and 4000 years old! Amazing. Of course there was no picture taking allowed so had to take pics outside and in the gift shop.

I'll leave you with some photos. Lost tonight! Peace out.


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