Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Coupla Layouts

I actually scrap booked last week. I got about 5 pages done! Wahooooo! Here are 2 of them:

This one is about Rob reading to us all every Christmas Eve. Love that he loves doing it!
This is a class I took with Courtney Delaura. We made a cute mini book and she showed us how to get some texture from Mod Podge. Loved it!

Not much else going on. Rob is at a conference for work but did call me last night to tell me he won an award! So stoked for him! Weigh in is tomorrow. I normally go to meetings on Thursdays but I had to go get a filling replaced today so I will catch the one at lunch time tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. I am shooting for 2 pounds!

And the Grey's wedding it on tonight! Sure seems like I watch a lot of tv, huh??

Peace out!


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