Friday, May 01, 2009

10 Weeks In

I am about 10 weeks in to my Weight Watcher program. I have lost a total of 23.2 pounds! Yay me! I really do like this program. The weight is coming off slower than it did when I was on Atkins but it is staying off and this is a program I know I can continue with. I do not feel deprived (except from missing pizza from Manny's House of Pizza). Just eating healthy foods....lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean meat(I have found I am not that much of a meat eater). I have a photo of me when I was about 3 weeks in and I am sure I can dig one up of when I first started. Must take one of me now so I can see my progress. I did purchase some shirts in a smaller size (woot! woot!) and am going to have to buy some new shorts and capris but am holding off for as long as I can.

Enough about that....big plans for the weekend are to go to Atlanta. Bummed I will miss all the National Scrapbooking Day festivites but happy to see my family. Plan to make a stop at Archiver's and possibly H&M and Ikea. Also going to Love Street, a quaint little shop that has a variety of stuff....Vera Bradley, garden items, get the picture. It is in Smyrna, GA where my sis lives so I will go when I am over there on Sunday for my neice's confirmation. A big day for her! Monday Scott and I will go to the King Tut exhibit with my parents. Should be a fun weekend! It always is when I get to hang out with my family.....

That's all for now.


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