Friday, May 08, 2009


First off, let me just say thank goodness it is Friday. It has been a long week. I didn't get much sleep last night so I was tired all day and I don't like feeling that way.

Secondly (and most importantly), I weighed in today and lost 6 (yep, that's right), count 'em, S-I-X pounds! I even had her weigh me again to make sure. And it was 6! I have lost 29.2 pounds total! I am so excited!!!!! Out to buy pants this weekend. I can pull mine off now without unbuttoning them and it looks like I am carrying a little extra "load" in the seat area! Look for before and now photos tomorrow. Hopefully it will be nice outside tomorrow so Rob can get some good shots!

Plans for tomorrow include cleaning the living room and dining room. I want to do paint touch ups and get the carpets steam cleaned too. We bought a steam cleaner in January and it is still in the box! Terrible, huh? We want to go see Wolverine and Star Trek. Will probably only see one and that is OK. Will save the other one for next week.

Sunday I plan to relax, watch some movies we got from Netflix and scrapbook.
That's all for now!



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