Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just a quickie....had a great day yesterday. Took a trolley/double decker tour of the city. Found LUSH and did some damage. Took a picture of Alinea for Scott and drove by Charlie Trotter's.

Found Kuma's Corner and had the best, OMG burger of my worth the wait! We actually didn't have to wait the projected 2 hours. It is open seating at the bar and we spotted some people that were finished and getting ready to leave. Got a beer and then nabbed their seats. Waited a little bit for our food by talked to some locals so the time passed by quickly. I don't think any other burger will EVER taste as good!

Drove to Volo today and went to a car museum that had a lot of movie cars...Speed Racer's Mach 5, the Flintstone mobile, the Ghostbusters hearse, the 18 wheeler Heath Ledger drove in the Dark Knight and a lot of the cars from the Fast and the Furious movies. Then drove up to WI to Lake Geneva. Wanted to see the mansions there but got a call from Scott that he had a pretty bad car accident. He is fine...his car is not. It was towed to the body shop. My fear is that they will total it. But it's only a car and he is OK and that is what is important. I just hate that we are not there with him. Now that he is an adult, I guess things will happen that he will have to take care of without us. He is still my baby though. I'll be with him tomorrow. We were both pretty shaken after that so we came back to the hotel.

Waiting to change rooms now because the internet is not working in ours and Rob needs to do some work. I am in the hotel lobby using the computer there.

Peace out.


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