Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm here....

in Wakeegan, IL at the hotel, that is. Got in last night. Just got back from lunch with Rob. He had to work today and I was tired so I am just hanging out here. He will be back in a couple of hours...then the exploring with commence! Not sure what we will do other than go to Christl's German Inn in Palentine for dinner. It's a great little German restaurant he found and the food is YUMMY! Good thing I saved up my weekly points for this trip. Anyway, we went there the last time I was here and Rosie(the chef) is awesome. She is from Austria and her food brings back memories of sitting in a Gasthaus in Germany with friends enjoying a great meal....ahh, sure do miss those days!

Plan to go into Chicago tomorrow and spend the day in the city. Not sure what we will do....maybe just hang out and enjoy being together. We don't get enough of those days. May hit up the Art Institute but definitely want to go to Kuma's Corner for dinner. I could use a great burger!

Peace out!


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