Monday, May 25, 2009

Home again, home again

And a happy Memorial Day! I really want to take this time to thank the men and women of our Armed Services who serve us all (I thanked my vet this morning). Thank you for your undying loyalty to this country and it's people. With you this World is a much better place to live in. So here's to celebrating you today (and every day). And not to forget the family member's that support and sacrifice. You are serving too. And thank you.

Back home. Too bad it is not on a happier note. Scott is very sure his car will be totalled. Now we just sit and wait. Unfortunately, he is upside down on it. Not sure if he will get enough to pay it off....or if it is even totalled. Nothing happening until tomorrow at least. He is just thankful that he was not hurt and so are we.

We did have a great time in Chicago until "the" call yesterday. Took in some great sights and ate some great food. It looks like I did alright food wise. I didn't gain anything. At least according to the home scale. We shall see what the WW scale says on Friday.

I'll leave you on this glorious Memorial Day with some photos from my trip.

Peace out and thank a vet today!


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