Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spent the day with Lauren

Had a great day today. Lauren's duplex is so nice. Very cute and she has done a great job at decorating so far. There are still some things she wants to get but I told her she can do a little at a time. We went to the commissary together and of course, I had to buy her some food! It's the mommy in me....

Before seeing Lauren I went to the Memories in Bloom annual scrapbook yard sale. I didn't buy anything for myself. So proud of myself! I figured I was trying to get rid of my old stuff and I shouldn't buy anyone else's old stuff...ya know? I also got to see Kim...haven't seen her in a long time. Miss seeing her...she is great!

I am watching Rate My Space on HGTV and they just showed the greatest scrapbook room! Oh, and they keep showing my new house! I just know I am going to win it! LOL!!!!

My friend Erin's hubby was deployed to Iraq today. I know she is missing him terribly. Definitely have them in my thoughts and prayers today.

Guess that's all for now. Have to remember to set the clocks ahead tonight.


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