Friday, March 06, 2009

The Reader

Tonight was the perfect night to go see The Reader. Rob is out of town and Scott and Becky went out to dinner. I had been wanting to see this but no one else wanted to. I had read the book a couple of years ago and loved it. Now I know why my girl Kate won best actress. She was spectacular! Seeing her performance in this role gave me just one more reason to love her. I am so glad I went to see this. I think Slumdog Millionaire will be next. Probably will have to go to that alone too. Good thing I don't mind going to the movies alone.

Plans for tomorrow are to go to see Lauren's apartment. I have not been there yet and she is excited for me to see it. I am excited too! Anytime I get to see her is great! Didn't realize I would miss her so much............

Also will go to the Commissary tomorrow and then Sunday I need to clean the house and work on our taxes. Want to make time to use my new SC kits too! So much to little time.



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