Monday, March 09, 2009

My horse is a Dancer

Looks like my "horse" Melissa is going to be on one of my other fave reality shows Dancing With the Stars! She should do very well since she has been dancing since she was little and was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! I know I will be rooting her on! I do wish she was dancing with someone other than Tony. I don't think he challenges his partners enough.....too bad she isn't paired with Maks....LOVE him!
Guess I will be glued to the tv on Mondays yet again......

Rob made it home from his business trip late last night. I was so happy to see him. I am not used to him being gone anymore. Guess his retirement has spoiled me. I think I need to get used to him travelling more as I think that is what they have in store for him. He loves it....but misses me. One good thing about it is that I can go with him sometimes. Think I'll be hitting Chicago with him in early April. Should be fun. I have never been. I will definitely have to cheat on WW for some Chicago style pizza.....

I am struggling to stay awake. That lost hour is really messing with me.

Hope it's a good Monday where you are.


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