Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Real World

Lauren and I went to the open casting for The Real World (the MTV show) this afternoon. She has always loved the show and wanted to try out for it. I heard they were having open casting here at Buffalo Billiards so she decided to go. It was fun. She does not have her hopes up. She did say the casting guy was very interested in what she had to say. Just waiting for a call now. One in a million chance but you never know.

Missed reveal last night at Studio Calico. Really bummed about that. Our Internet was out AGAIN. Ever since we got digital voice phone service we have had problems. We really think we are going to cancel the phone service and go back to our original provider. We were trying to save a few bucks....not always the best thing. Anyway, by the time I had service again the kit I really wanted was sold out (Hey Diddle). I did get Bo Peep and some ink, a Heidi Swapp mask and a stamp. I sent the girls an email to see if there would be a reorder of Hey Diddle. Somehow, I think the answer will be no. That's OK though. Saves a little money. And i probably don't really need it.

No scrapping got done here today. Not sure if it will tomorrow either. I have a hair appointment at 11. Hoping to get some done. I sure miss it!



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