Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking forward to

Just some things I am looking forward to:

1~My trip to Chicago this weekend. It will be nice just to get away and spend some time with Rob. We have both been so busy lately we haven't had much quality time together.

2~Snapping a photo of my new do and sharing it. I had a marathon session at the beauty salon yesterday. Color, cut and voila, a new me!

3~Going shopping. I am in desperate need of some new clothes. Mine are getting big (yay!) and I need an update. I have some old stuff that needs to be replaced! Here I come Kohl's! I did get these babies last night on a quick trip there:

4~Lauren getting a good job. She is really stressed out about her job situation. I hate seeing her that way. She started a job today at Pizza Hut waiting tables and has a second interview at the Ann Taylor Outlet tomorrow and one at Dots on Wed. Both are for management positions. She is very good at retail. She is a real people person and is very outgoing. She even helped a celeb shop one time! Awesome.

5~Getting some scrapbooking done. I have not done any in about 3 weeks. I had big plans for this past weekend but still didn't scrap. I even told Rob I was not doing any chores this weekend so I could scrap! No such luck....

Have a great day!


ETA Unfortunately Lauren did not get a call back for the Real World. She is not disappointed. I think she knew it was a long shot. She said it was fun just to go through the process. I say it's their loss!

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