Friday, March 27, 2009

Better today!

I am feeling much better about the gain at Weight Watchers this week. I had a nice chat with some SC girls on the message board and they all say not to fret. I knew I could count on them. Everyone at SC is so great! Even had a sweet email from Nik telling me to hang in there. So sweet of her! She is fab in my book!

Speaking of SC, reveal is tonight at Midnight EST. Check out the loveliness that is the SC April Kit! Be there or be square! I will be! There, I mean, not square!

Plans for this weekend include driving to Clarksville to get the last of Lauren's stuff and scrapbooking. I have not done much of that in a while. I made sure to get all my chores done so I could spend the weekend scrapping and organizing my photos and scrap room (it needs a little attention). Rob leaves for Chicago on Monday and I will follow on Thursday. More about that later.

Back to work!

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