Monday, March 09, 2009

And she did a good job.

Glad to see Melissa do such a great job tonight on Dancing with the Stars. Not bad for just 2 days of training. Good thing she has some dance experience. Just hope Tony can challenge her enough. Not sure he has enough pizazz. Will have to wait and see. My fave of the night was Cheryl and, hot, hot! I told Rob it may be winner, winner, chicken dinner for her this season. Also liked Shawn Johnson. Very graceful. And lil' Kim was surprisingly good. Here's hoping Julianne and Chuck can get it together. I love them together.

Watching Letterman and thinking I need to get to bed. Was flipping and Leno said that today is the groggiest day of the year. That definitely fits me today.

Scott has his mylogram tomorrow. He is nervous about it. I am sure he will do just fine. Staying home tomorrow as he has to lay flat for 8 hours. Have to make sure he does it.

Rob and I are planning a weekend in Chicago in early April. He has to go for a business trip for the week and I will fly in and meet him for the weekend. Hope to do this on my birthday weekend. I have never been there so I'd love to get some suggestions on what a girl should see if she only has 2 days in Chicago. Any suggestions?

Off to bed. Night.


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