Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor Debacle

So, last night was The Bachelor finale. As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I am a HUGE reality TV fan. The Bachelor is my fave. And let me just tell you it certainly took the cake for drama last night!

I had read a couple of spoilers so knew that my "horse" Melissa would get the proposal. I also knew that Jason would break up with her on national tv on After the Final Rose. Even though I knew the outcome, I was still glued to the tv. I do think it is wrong that he did it in that way but if the man doesn't love her then move on. I do think it was all a set up as most of the spoiler articles do. I understand the ratings thing and do love a good dramatic twist!

Let me just say that I DO NOT think that Melissa knew this was coming and it really stinks for her. I really think she did love him. And how mortified would you have been if in her shoes? I would have wanted to crawl under the set! And I can't say I would have been as composed as she was.

The good and faithful watcher that I am will be sitting in front of the tv again tonight to watch After the Final Rose 2. I will still continue to watch the seasons to come wrong as it may be. What can I say other than I am addicted??

And I know who the next Bachelor/Bachelorette is but I will wait to post on this until it is announced tonight. It would be just plain cruel to ruin it!

Anybody care to weigh in on this?

Have a great afternoon.


ps I need to tell you about my weekend. Will post about it tomorrow!

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