Saturday, December 27, 2008

the day after the day after christmas......

so mostly bummed around today. watched some shows on the food network. drove to best buy to see if rob could find something to use his gift cards luck there. he is still sick but wanted to get out. not sure it was a good idea but we were only out for about an hour. returned a shirt to old navy and got some chick fil a.

drove home and dropped rob off and went to target to return to items and get some gift bags....only had one this year. not sure where they all went. got some cute eco friendly ones....made of recycled paper. also got a few other things including some scrapbooking clearance scores....fa la la paper pack and letters and some copper colored chipboard letters. also got a 2009 planner. i am a list maker and i really need a planner to keep me to fill it in with birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates.

not much else going on. doing some laundry and planning to watch Rome (the HBO series-got it from rob). trying to wait up for the studio calico reveal....

that's all for now.


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