Friday, December 26, 2008

our christmas in photos....

Warning: contains lots of photos!

not too much to say. i'll let the photos do most of the talking.....

this is scott right after i woke him....nice

dad after opening the GPS he wanted....a "together" gift from all of us

my niece, Aubrey, showing off her ornament from nanny and poppy

rob, the golf shirt and the crazy bow!

my sister, Susan, opening her stocking "box" from my parents. it was actually a cool was a photo storage box

lauren with her iced tea maker (she really wanted one)

time for food

a pic of a few of my gifts

love my coach bag from Scott....he was so excited to give it to me. i remember how it felt to give gifts that i had purchased with my own money. when i opened it i true mommy fashion!

in case you can't tell, these are earphones for my ipod that Lauren had engraved with my initials. she know how i love the bling.....she also gave me a framed picture of the 2 of us at her graduation....and again, tears!

i just have to say i have wonderful children. they were so thoughtful with their gifts this year....but the greatest gift was just having all my family with me. i couldn't have enjoyed the day more!

they are all gone now. rob is in bed sick. i am alone....reflecting on this holiday and what my family means to me....

hope everyone had as great a holiday as i did.



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