Sunday, December 28, 2008

project 365 starting today........

decided to participate in project 365 this year. i have never done this before. seemed very overwhelming to me. i really want to do this so i am just going to dive right in....i am starting today because the kit i will be using is broken down into weekly pages.

this kit is being offered for this undertaking. i think it is a great kit and will definitely help me stay on track. it was designed by Becky Higgins and is being marketed as a Kit of the Month by CK. it is not available for pre-order so mark your calendars for Jan 1 because i think it will sell out quickly. for more info on the kit and its contents visit Becky's blog. she has some videos up to show what is in the kit and ways to use the contents.

has anyone done this before? if so, how did it go? are you participating this year?

that's all for now.


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