Thursday, September 25, 2008

a week in the life with Ali E......

i am so EXCITED! i was reading Ali's blog this morning and she is doing "a week in the life" starting next week! i wanted to take this class with her but was never able to attend where she was teaching it. i think it is so important to document the every day. i am definitely making time to do this. i vow to carry my camera everywhere! check it out and play along! if you do link it up so i can see. i will be posting mine.

in other news, i am honored to be among the TOP 25 to advance to the next round of Project Catwalk at SIS tv! i was so excited to see my name on the list. we have a week off from competition and then it's on!! there are no more bonus points, in fact, there are no more points at all. not sure of all the details but i am guessing you will just be eliminated if you don't WOW the judges! i need to really step it up and create beautiful layouts. come check out the PC gallery.

my son just called me to say hello. he said he hasn't seen me all week and just wanted to say hi. what a sweet boy! he does live with us although we rarely see him. he is a chef at The Capitol Grill at The Hermitage Hotel here in Nashville and he is asleep when we leave for work and we are asleep when he gets home. sometimes we go a whole week without seeing each other! guess i should get used to it....there will come a time when he will not live with us! he is 20 and all....

plans tonight are to go to a pre-season Predators game. my hubby is fortunate enough to work for a company that has season tickets and we can sign up for a game or two during the fun to go! if you haven't been to a hockey game i highly recommend it!!

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