Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh, what a weekend.......

this was certainly a weekend to remember. on saturday i went to a Scrap Pink crop hosted by Memories in Bloom. i had a lot of fun but didn't get much done. the crop was from 9-9 so it was a long day to say the least. here are a few pics.

i called rob to check in about 7 and he called me about 8:45 wondering where i was. he was worried about me because he thought i left at 7. then he told me he was having chest pain and he was probably going to go to the ER. he has had 2 bouts of chest pain in the last 18 months and they found nothing wrong. the first time was attributed to stress and the second time they did a nuclear stress test which was normal. so i jump in the car and speed home...which is about 1 hour away. i get home and he still hasn't gone...he was waiting for me. we get to the ER which is about 5 minutes from home and they take him right back. labs are drawn, he is hooked up to a monitor and he is given nitroglycerin which does not help. they do a chest xray and ct scan and call the cardiologist on call. he is admitted for observation. now it is about 3:30am and we are both exhausted. i go home to get a few hours sleep. Sunday the cardiologist comes to see him and it is the same doc he saw in Dec when he had his last bout. he schedules Rob for an angiogram to be done Monday morning but he doesn't know what time. i stay until about 6:30 pm and am so tired Rob tells me to go home. i go home and chill out. i call the hospital about 7 am to find out what time the angiogram is scheduled for and they don't know so i get in the shower with plans to call back after. as soon as i get out of the shower rob calls and says they are taking him now. i tell him i am coming right now. i jump in the car and am sobbing because i am afraid i won't get to see him to tell him i love him before the procedure. he calls me back to say they will wait for me to get there and to call the cath lab when i arrive. i get there....after hitting all kinds of traffic....and the nurse comes to get me. they take me to the lab so i can tell him i love him. then to the waiting room for me. i only waited about 45 minutes when the doc came out to tell me rob's "pumper" (his words) is normal and working great and he can go home. let me tell you, i almost kissed the man...i was so worried since Rob has a family history of heart disease. his uncle died from it and his dad just had quadruple bypass in Nov. after about 6 hours he is discharged and he sees the cardiologist on Monday. guess they will try to figure out what is going on then. oh, and we did have a talk about waiting to go to the ER for chest pain. no one should ever wait......

i also started Ali's A Week in the Life yesterday. i sure did have a full day yesterday and did take pics and record what was happening. i have continued with it today. here are a few pics from yesterday:

and a few from today:

gotta go finish dinner.



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