Wednesday, September 24, 2008

smoke detector fiasco and new Project Runway.......

so last night my smoke detectors went off about 8 pm. i was the only one home so i ran through the sign of fire or smoke. the funny thing is they sounded for only 3 beeps and then went silent. i thought maybe it was just a fluke. i was so wrong....they went off again at 11:45 and again at 2:30. again it was only 3 beeps and then silence. at 2:30 i got on the internet to see what the problem could be. thought maybe it was the battery but not only are ours hardwired with battery backup but it was not the usual chirp they make when the battery needs to be changed. i have heard that before. i thought i had them reset and went back to bed just to be awakened at 5:45 by them going off AGAIN! no idea what is waiting until a decent time so i can have scott get the model number off of the culprit in the garage where the alarm started. i am definitely calling the smoke detector company. hopefully it is something minor and i won't have to pay an electrician to come and look at them. any ideas on what could be the problem???

new Project Runway tonight. am waiting to see if i am still in the Top 25 for the Project Catwalk contest at SIS tv. if so, i will have to bust out my layout tonight because we have tickets to the Predators hockey game tomorrow and will get home after the 10 pm cutoff for the 25 bonus points. i NEED to get the bonus points!

not much else going on. am hoping for a slow day at work as i am EXHAUSTED from the smoke alarm fiasco!



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