Thursday, October 02, 2008

just got this from Jenni Bowlin Studios.....

i am so excited about this. i have been wanting to make something "halloweeny". i don't really get into halloween but my hubby does. i thought i could try to at least decorate a little bit. planning to just use fall decor items and add in a few halloween specific items.

in other new, as if our week could not get any worse, my father-in-law had an angiogram today (anyone seeing a trend here??) and he is being taken from the test directly to the hospital to have open heart surgery (again!). he had quadruple bypass in November and one of the grafts did not take. they are going to try to use a vessel from his arm because he has no good vessels left in his legs due to an illness when he was a child and the last bypass. please keep him in your prayers...


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