Thursday, May 22, 2008

american idol................

america got it right last night when they chose David Cook as the new american idol. i so love the rocker boys. was crushed when Chris Daughtry got kicked off a couple of seasons ago but just look at him now. hope DC is just as successful. i really enjoyed watching him this season--funny that i picked him to be the idol during the audition shows.

plans this weekend are to go to buy a new washer and dryer. i am going to get a whirlpool duet steam duo. also have plans to go to the Renaissance Festival. should be a lot of fun. have wanted to go since we moved here and just haven't. the jousting tournament is this weekend. i am sure there will be lots of pics to post and a scrapbook layout or 2....

...and i am finishing painting my scrap studio this weekend if it kills me. i only have 2 walls and some touch ups to finish. got a little happy with the roller and got "shrek" green on my white ceiling...nothing a little paint won't fix! i am off on monday for the holiday so i know i can get it completed. then we'll have to make an Ikea run for shelves and some other goodies. can't wait to finally be moved in and organized!

tonight is the season finale for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy who could ask for any better tv watching than that?? i will be glued for sure.

that's all for now.

peace out


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