Monday, May 26, 2008

a great weekend...........

ahh, saturday. lots of goings ons. went to buy the great washer/dryer. got it in aspen which is a shade of green. love it. it will be delivered around the beginning of july which gives me time to figure out what i will do with the old set and get the laundry room painted. still the builders white it was when we moved in...yuck!

went to the Renaissance Festival which was NOT fun. they ran out of turkey legs, it was hot and dusty and there was gobs of weirdos! not much to do but look at the booths of "wares". the one good thing about it was that rob was chosen to go on stage with the belly dancers and belly dance....he did a great job. may have a future in belly dancing!

left the Ren Fest and went to Frida's Mexican Cuisine in Murfreesboro for dinner. great food! would highly recommend it. best guacamole i have had since leaving San Antonio. and they had churro beans.....yum!

then home to watch National Treasure 2 and do some housework. all in all a nice day spent with hubby.

yesterday we got up early and went to the flea market. another thing we won't be doing again. i had heard that the flea market here in nashville is great. i did not think so. lots of junk....

left the flea market and went to whole foods and had lunch at Zoe's Kitchen. very good greek inspired food. loved my salad! also went to anthropologie and got a light switch cover for my scrap studio.

today we are just hanging out at home. rob is breaking in the new smoker--doing our own turkey legs. i am doing laundry and finishing painting my scrap studio.

Happy Memorial Day to all vets! i know i am so proud of my vet and i am thankful for his service. please say thanks to a vet today. it means so much

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