Friday, November 05, 2010

five on friday

headed to Washington DC to spend a little quality time with the hubs next week.  top 5 things on the to see/do list.

1.  visit the National Museum of the American Indian.  last time we were there was opening day but we didn't know about it.  we did get to see the Parade of Nations.  awesome.
2.  city tour.  love doing these.  it gives you a good overview of the city.  we do these every time we visit a new city and although we have been to dc many times i am sure there are things we have not seen.
3.  walk along the Potomac.  i am sure it will be cold but i love doing this.
4.  take a walk through Georgetown and Alexandria.  i suppose all the walking will depend on just how cold it really is.
5.  find a fun restaurant to have a great dinner.  any suggestions?


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