Sunday, August 01, 2010

the move.....

we spent last weekend moving Scott to Chicago!  exciting and sad, certainly exhausting.  he (and Becky) are doing well.  Scott loves his job at Graham Elliot (you may have seen his chef on Master Chef this week).  Becky has started her job too although she didn't get many hours this week or next but will be starting full time mid-Aug. 

the move in pictures:
the boy resting after loading
their apt building
the treacherous stairs
going in
lots of stuff
city apt kitchen=super small
Becky trying to figure out where to put everything (they have lots of kitchen stuff and not much storage)
father and son putting together the couch
lounging after a looooog day (this couch is so cool.  it has storage under the chaise cushion and the part Scott is laying on actually slides under the couch.  great for guests!)
so that's it.  they are settling in.  i am getting used to him being gone.  i miss him so much!  lauren has been great.  coming over to check on me, calling and we hung out yesterday.  i am actually doing a lot better than i thought i would be.  no crying since tuesday!  been trying to keep busy.  already planning a trip to visit!  shocker!


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