Friday, August 06, 2010

Five on Friday (the doing better than i thought i would be edition)

happy friday!  the day i live for.......

Thoughts on the past week.

    Scott is behind and to the right of the President (between the President and the guy with the beard)
  1. Exciting news for my son.  The proof is in the picture!
  2. I am doing much better than i thought i would be hence the subtitle of today's post.
  3. I miss Scott terribly but I hadn't cried since 7-27-10 when i got home from the airport about his being gone.  That is until last night when Becky sent me the link to their engagement photos.  they are spectacular and i want to order them all!   here's a link to one of my faves.  Scott/Becky
  4. I am adjusting to having the house to myself but glad Rob will be home on Tuesday.  i never really lived by myself and i have been enjoying the quiet and not cooking every night.  not that i had been doing much of that anyway.  tee hee!
  5. I am so glad Scott and Becky are settling into their new life.  I really want them to love Chicago and their jobs.  It makes it so much easier to be away from loved ones when you love where you are and what you are doing.  I know we miss them and they miss us but this is one of the most exciting things that will ever happen in their lives and i want them to enjoy every moment. 
Have a lovely Friday.  It is rainy here in middle TN but we really need it.  I plan to see Step Up 3D this weekend with Lauren.  Too bad Mr. Tatum is not in this one.  i am also going to scrapbook.  I have an awesome photo to scrap and a new SC kit to use!


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