Sunday, July 11, 2010

a to do list update

i have been working diligently on the karen do list from this post.  it has taken me a week but i am almost finished.  plan to keep working away on it until all the tasks are complete and then start a new list.  it seems to work better for me to have a list.  helps keep me on track.

i have really been trying to learn more about our family history and have enjoyed hearing the stories my dad tells.  my dad has been getting old photos from my family members.  i love to look at them.  he recently sent me some pictures and i love these of my great aunt Rose.    

thanks dad for sharing these with me.  i want Lauren and Scott to know who their ancestors were and some of their stories.  maybe they will pass them on to their children one day.  it's important to know where you came from. 

battling a terrible headache so i am off to try and relax.  hope you have had a lovely weekend!


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