Friday, July 09, 2010

Five on Fiday (SC style)

i got my Studio Calico kit (or 4) in the mail on Wednesday. i got the main kits and 3 add ons (amerigo, lewis and clark and magellan) this month....and more kraft.   i went a little overboard but there were things i loved about each one of them and just knew i could not live without them.  ha!

i thought i would post my kit "ritual" today.  this is what i do when i get my kit:

1~ get the box and open it up.
2~take out all the bags inside and open them up.  check out all the kit contents.

3~print out the kit contents and get out my SC crop bags
4~put all the contents of the main kit and the add on kits in their own crop bags with the contents list.  not sure why i keep them separately but i like it that way.  i know they are meant to work together and i have recently tried storing them together but it just doesn't work for me.  i am going to work on separating the add ons and main kits that i have combined this weekend.
5~look at all the scrappy goodness!
hoping to use some of that goodness this weekend.  i have not been feeling very creative lately and am hoping to get that creative spark back!  happy friday!


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