Friday, July 16, 2010

Five on Friday

lots going on at Casa de Malloy.  these are the top 5 things on my list......
  1. Visit the Bellemeade Plantation (the wedding venue) on Monday with Scott and Becky to meet with the wedding consultant employed there.  I will be the point of contact since the kids will be in Chicago! 
  2. Go shopping for household items for S & B......towels, kitchen items, etc.
  3. Call u-Haul to arrange for a truck.  Guess this should actually be #1.
  4. Make plane reservations for Rob and I to fly back from Chicago next week.  We will be driving up in the u-Haul to help them move in.
  5. Make sure City House (our favorite restaurant) is able to accomodate the rehearsal dinner.  I sent an email yesterday....waiting to hear back.  I think if i haven't heard back by this afternoon i will call.
all this and i still NEED to squeeze in some scrappy time and complete the first list i made.  Lots to do, so little time.......

happy weekend!

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