Friday, June 04, 2010

Five on Friday (the Daughtry edition)

As all of you know, I LOVE Daughtry.  Chris Daughtry to be exact.  And i was fortunate enough to see him in concert again (#3) on Sunday night.  So....this week's five on Friday is all about Daughtry.

1.  Special guest:  Kelly Clarkson.  Amazing with a capitol A.  You decide.

2.  Fun photo of Lauren and me.  A concert tradition.

  • 3.  Another special guest:  Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down.  Cover of Whipping Post.

    4.  $10 tickets released a few days before the show and all proceeds were donated to Nashville flood relief.  What a guy (and band)!

    5.  Can't wait to see him a 4th time.  And a 40th time.

      happy weekend!

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