Monday, May 03, 2010

oh no, tight pants!

ok, that's it.  i must get back on my eating plan with a vengeance!  my pants are getting tight. UGH!  i feel like i have gained about 10 lbs.  i sure hope not.  i have to finish my weight loss.  i have really been off track.  eating what i want and not tracking it.  making up excuses not to follow my plan.  that's it!  i am done with that.  i am giving myself an ultimatum.  get the weight off or else.  as in or else i won't have anything to wear.  all the cute dresses i bought will NOT fit me this summer.  there will be no swimming at Lauren's.  won't want to be in a bathing suit!  get back on it Malloy!!!!!!

thanks for letting me rant and vent.  i feel better now.  and i am blowing the dust off the tracker.....


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