Friday, April 02, 2010

Five for Friday!

Yay!  It is Friday!

  1. I am back to work today after being down with the sickness.  I still feel awful but I am able to function .  I can't talk very well but that is ok.
  2. Since I have been home I have been able to keep up with the layouts for the Sketchbook class I am taking with Kelly Purkey and the SC design team gals.  It is super fun and I am 4 for 4.  Looking forward to completing the day 5 sketch when I get home tonight.  Lots of inspiration!
  3. Looking forward to April.  Lots going on:  my birthday (Mon), Lauren's birthday, Scott's birthday, Lauren's moving day, Jenni Bowlin Vintage Fest, meeting some online friends, travel for work and beautiful weather.  oh, and Easter!
  4. Speaking of my birthday.....i told Rob i want these Tory Burch beauties!  I bet we will be going to the mall to get them this weekend!  eeeeeek!
  5. Love the way this layout turned out.  I love the architecture on the Chicago Public Library.  The owl on top is too cool! 
that's all for now.  enjoy your Friday!

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