Wednesday, March 31, 2010

this is Becky

This is Becky.  She is the love of Scott's life.  I thank God for her every day. She makes Scott happy.  She is his perfect match.  And he waited for her.  For 2 years.  I will never forget the first time I saw her at a band concert when they were in middle school.  I asked Scott who she was and he said "That's Becky, Mom."  With puppy dog eyes.  So glad she decided to give him a chance. 
She is adventurous, creative, a wicked good photographer (I need her to give me some pointers) and she has become a foodie. She will try anything.  Just the girl to be with my boy.  She will be the perfect addition to our family.  Not that she isn't already since they have been dating for six years and engaged for one.  I couldn't ask for more for my son.  I am so excited for the wedding in October.  It will be the happiest day of Scott's life thus far.  He can't wait to start their lives together.  And I am so happy for them.  I will not be losing my son, I will be gaining a daughter! 


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